The system is deployed at the campus to facilitate the learning and research processes by student and lectures. Now students and Lectures shall be able to communicate and share lecture material without being constrained by physical location. Based on fact that our students at the campus are busy with their day life and not staying in campus, the system provide them with flexibility of doing university activities including submission of assignments, on line test, discussion with fellow students and lectures through forums and participate in daily class activities remotely, thanks to the advantages in the technology.

In order to benefit from the service offered by the system, one needs to have internet connectivity from where they are and obtain login credential from the Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies available at the campus. The Directorate offers a number of trainings and support services to both student and staff on demand.

There are number of ways you can access the system, the common two include writing the website address to the address bar of our browser and through clicking links available in the university websites. In case face any problems, do not hesitate to contact responsible personnel through the provided emails under the elearning-support@mzumbe.ac.tz.

We would like to wish you best experience in using the system.